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The Gallery

Gettysburg pics submitted by David Foytlin

Graveyard pictures from Trudy Causey

Haunted apartment from Andrea of NC

Graveyard pic from our Mecklenburg Chapter Leader, Chaz N.

First orb captured with our new Minolta Z1 camera

Brookside School pictures from Julie and Thomas of NC

Strange anomaly captured by Andrea W. of NC

Myrtle Beach Ghosts

Pictures from Onslow county leader, Tony L.

Orb photo from Mark of the Haunted NC team

Pics from Laura of a haunted church in Newton, NC

High Rock road Gravity Hill pics from Iredell member, Tennie T.

Ecto photo from Forsyth county leader, Amanda L.

Ecto photo from Stokes county leader, Chellemo.

Graveyard photos from Davidson county leader, Becky A.

Orb photos from Forsyth county member, Carolyn H.

Orb photos from Yadkin county leader, Michael R.

Photo of entity at scene of car crash from Alexander county leader, Chris

Orb photos from Chowan county leader, Chad

Graveyard photos sent in by members KimNC and NCBec

Vintage pics of property on Payne Rd. and the Lawson cabin, sent by Yadkin county leader, Michael818

Two ghostly pics sent in by Forsyth county member, Carolyn H.

Ecto photo from Rowan county leader, DragonTemptress

Pictures and audio of Rural Hall's Payne Road from Stokes county leader, Chellemo.

Ghost pictures from Wendy Jernigan

Official GHNC photos of a haunted masonic grave

Photo of ecto sent in by Mike and Tira

Official GHNC photos from a local cemetery

Photo of two human like figures from Knightmare

Paranormal pictures from Dennis Sutton

Ghost photo submitted by anonymous

Yadkinville, NC apparition submitted by anonymous

Haunted war coat sent in by Jeff

Ecto photos from Tugaloo state park sent in by forum member berkmaba

Ecto photos from Person county chapter leader, deevahnc