GHNC Archived News


We had the official Hunt 5 last night. We also added two new members to the ghnc team. This was the first time we got to use our new equipment and i think you'll be able to tell the difference in the quality of the pictures. Subtle changes are soon to occur. We went to our usual spot and caught some awesome shots. For the first time we got two photos of ecto and orbs mingling together. We are waiting for 3 or 4 pictures to be scanned for Hunt 4. For now be sure to check out the Hunt 4 and Hunt 5 sections for the new photos, enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Sorry the page hasn't been updated for so long. Hunt 4 did take place and we just now got the pictures scanned. A couple of more need to be scanned but you will find four pictures in the hunt 4 section now. We got new cameras and now that the weather is getting warmer you can expect hunt 5 to take place in the near future. Hope all of you are doing well and i'll talk to you later - Eik


Just a couple of more days until Christmas! I just finished the final update of the year.. probably. The sidebar you see is now final. Just for fun i added an online Ouija board Section. It is recommended you have two people to play. Rest two fingers on your mouse and let the magical board tell you your destiny ;). Merry Christmas everyone from Eikon and the rest of the NC ghost hunting team.


Just got done updating the page again. I added a new sidebar and a new background. The background is fixed so it doesnt scroll. This effect only works in IE, sorry. Anyway christmas is almost here and two more digital cameras will be in the mix come hunt 4. The specs on these two new cameras are as follows: Polaroid, 100$, holds 50 pics at 320x240 and 15 at 640x480.... Polaroid, 150$, holds 96 at 320x240 and 15 at 640x480. Both have a view screen. If your looking for new ghost pictures then don't worry because there will be plenty when hunt 4 rolls around, until then, later - Sweet Eik


As you can see I have redone the page, it took me over two hours. I just finished and its 5:10 am. I hope you like the new look, I resized a lot of the photos so the pictures should load much faster now. Let me know if there are any problems. The new frames should be compatible with both Internet Explorer 5.x and Netscape 4.x. Drop me a line on the message board and tell me your thoughts. I went tonight to try out the digital camera I will be getting for christmas. The LCD view screen is awesome and we will be able to have hunt sections with as many as 50 ghost pictures! Sorry about the ads but its angelcities fault and not mine, they just recently started doing it. Im looking for an ad free web host so if anyone knows one let me know, later.


It is 5:42 AM and we just closed up hunt 3 with only two people. It was raining lightly but I assure you we would never go hunting in precipitation serious enough to obscure the pictures. We spent about half an hour with the digital and the minolta 35mm which has freedom zoom, panoramic view, and night shot. The minolta is one awesome camera. Anyway the non digitals will be developed by next Friday. The digital found some mist and also something else i've never seen before. It looks like ordinary ecto mist but if u look closely you can make out the shapes of several orbs INSIDE the cloud, as if it is a mass of them moving together at once. Be sure to check hunt 3 for those new pics. Christmas is rolling around and I have a new digital camera in mind. I found a cool polaroid which has a LCD view screen and can hold 50 low res pics. Its only 99 bucks so expect lots of ghost pictures early next year.


We are officially beginning hunt 3. Earlier tonight we visited a new graveyard and got a VERY clear picture of some ecto mist near a tree in the cemetary. We are working on building an ELF ( Extremely Low Frequency ) sensor. With this we can test the amount of energy in an area. We will not close the hunt until the end of the weekend so keep checking the hunt 3 section for more pictures. We got the photos developed from hunt 2 and caught a great picture of a super charged orb. I can't calculate its speed because the full orb is not in view but it's still amazing. I have also added a 'In search of ghosts' section which shows some great pictures of us on the hunt.


Its now 2:35 and we just got back from our second hunt. I have taken 32 pictures with the digital and we also had four other cameras there. The others were not digital so u can expect a higher quality from them. Only two of my pictures returned anything interesting, but what they did catch was awesome. For the first time i caught an orb of another color besides white... it was gold and moving. That was also my first picture of a ghost moving. The rest of the pictures (around 40) are going to have to be developed, so for right now i will only be posting the two pictures of the orbs i got. The non digital pictures should be up before the end of the weekend.


Welcome to the ghost hunter page. I recently got a Agfa ePhoto Smile digital camera. The quality isn't all that great but you can catch ghost with it. We had our first hunt on November 4 between the hours of 12:00 and 3:00 AM. We visited two local graveyards and some other places. I will be posting the results here after every hunt. The first hunt was very succesful. We caught many photos of orbs and orb dust, as well as two of ectoplasmic mist. Click on the link below to view a picture of me and my two friends on our first ghost hunt.